The Big Bang Theory Stars Actually Do This ON SET


Fun to Figure Out if Fake or Not


In the years Big Bang Theory has appeared on television, the show has done lots of gags. Some of them revolved around the main four guys playing games. Primarily video games. 

But that begs the question, even when it’s a gag, are the actors “playing” a real game? Or is it just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo written for laughs? The truth is, well, yes and no.

Emulator as A Gag

I have to show some personal appreciation for this one. In an episode, Sheldon is kicked out of the apartment while Leonard has a date. To pass the time, he plays a game on the laptop.

It’s Mario 64 from the Nintendo 64 but played through an emulator. And yes, that’s a real thing.

I find this one impressive because it’s something you have to research. Emulators and ROMS of the game must be found online. It’s not just “hey whoa bro time to play Mario on the X-Cube!”

Next is a farce, check it out…

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