Mayim Bialik Has Exciting Wedding News To Share With You


The Big Bang Theory wedding of the century is coming just around the corner. It seems every week our excitement builds for the big event. Now, Mayim Bialik has shared a hint about what the special couple will be wearing during the ceremony.

Mayim Bialik Reveals The Big Bang Theory Wedding Shoes

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They say a bride should always have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, but they never really expect a bride to have something Marvel. Mayim Bialik is just as excited for the Big Bang Theory wedding as we are. She snapped a photo of her and Jim Parsons’ socks and shoes for the wedding… and let’s just say we expected nothing less.

The Big Bang Theory cast is in the process of filming the season 11 finale as we speak. The iconic episode will detail Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, a long-awaited event in TBBT world. Fans have been eager for hints and tidbits about what will go on. 

Hers and His 👠👞👰💒 . . @therealjimparsons @bigbangtheory_cbs

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Mayim revealed “Hers and His” shoe snaps from the Warner Brothers’ set. The photos revealed a traditional tulle and lace skirt on Amy and The Flash socks on Sheldon.

They Say So Much, Yet So Little

These photos, though minimal and discrete, give us a big sense of what the wedding will be like. Some fans were worried that the writers would run with a plot twist, and we’d never even see these two getting married. Well, looks like Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons at least put on their wedding ware to film the episode. That’s a good sign for Shamy lovers all over.

Plus, it also reveals that the wedding will infect be traditional. At the courthouse, Sheldon proclaimed he wanted a big traditional wedding to celebrate Amy and his love. We nearly fell over from swooning when he said, “Wait, I want to have a first dance with you…at our wedding…I want a real wedding… Amy, I never thought I’d want to marry anyone. So the fact that I found you is astonishing. It’s like finding dark matter, except they’re looking for dark matter I wasn’t even looking for you.”

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