Intriguing Predictions About Sheldon And Amy’s Wedding


Sheldon and Amy’s wedding is (hopefully) fast approaching. It’s been hinted that the big event will go down during the Season 11 finale of The Big Bang Theory. That’s only a few short weeks away. Here’s everything we think will happen during this most likely iconic The Big Bang Theory episode.

There Will Be Star Trek and Star Wars Themed Elements

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Sheldon and Amy have been planning the wedding of their dreams all season. It’s clear that they both want a large and romantic wedding. We’ve watched them toil over who should be the best man and maid of honor. We’ve heard them fight about the perfect date. It seems these two are leaving no leaf turned over when it comes to nailing down details that will make this day perfect.

However, they are also making this wedding super personal. In Sheldon’s adorable declaration at the court house, he stopped their elopement saying that their love deserved a big over the top celebration. In Sheldon’s eyes that doesn’t mean gorgeous flower arrangements, and designer cutlery. It means geeky memorabilia and exciting surprise elements.

We definitely wouldn’t put it past Sheldon and Amy to have Star TrekStar Wars, or any other Marvel or comic book themed entertainment. Mayim Bialik agrees. She wrote on her blog, “I think if our writers decide to actually do a wedding at some point — which, I literally have no idea, like, I promise — there will absolutely be Klingons, there may be Stormtrooper costumes involved. I think it’s gonna be, if we were to do it, it would be geek to the max.”

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