Sheldon Cooper Faces THIS Detrimental Stage In His Career


“When I berated Leonard, it was a clever ruse to conceal the fact that I’m not working on anything,” said Sheldon Cooper to Amy Farrah Fowler. After everyone announced their success stories at dinner, Sheldon got a little childish.

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“The Solo Oscillation” began with Raj Koothrappali bringing in newspapers for everyone. After disrupting their dinner, Raj said that his new job had been written about in the newspaper.

Then, everyone (except for Sheldon) announced their career success stories. This led to our hero having to think about his own job and mortality.

Sheldon Cooper Thanks Amy, Then Kicks Her Out

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Back in their apartment, Sheldon tells his fiancé that he has “nothing of interest to pursue.” A moment later, Sheldon tells his lady that he doesn’t know what he would do without her. Then he kicks her out of the apartment.

While trying to dive into some deep work, Sheldon got distracted by a call from his mother. A moment later, he decided to calculate the odds of a rhetorical question that she asked him. He’s doing difficult work, but for the wrong reasons.

Ironically, Penny is the one who ends up helping Sheldon Cooper.

Taking A Break From Science With Penny

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When Amy got kicked out of her apartment, she headed over to Leonard and Penny’s place. But their nerddom scared off Penny. After she got a pizza, she decided she’d rather just hang out with Sheldon.

“I could use a break,” said Sheldon about Penny’s pizza. In their living room, our hero had all of the whiteboards full of half-ideas. “That is an experiment to see how many parallelograms while holding my breath,” he began.

“That is a list of all the different types of natural disasters,” said Sheldon. Penny quickly observed that her friend had added a few unnatural disasters of his own. “I made that one up,” he said about a “fire-quake.”

Essentially, Sheldon wanted to come up with a new approach to dark matter but he’s too distracted. Penny’s simplistic approach helped Sheldon discover the truth about dark matter.

Basically, it’s his “rebound science” after string theory, meaning “it’s not the science you spend the rest of your life, but it’s the one you use to make yourself feel pretty again.”

In the end, Penny convinced Sheldon he should focus on String Theory again.

Penny has been quite helpful this season. Do you think she’s the most helpful character on the show this season?