Every Fan Is Asking THIS Question About Howard Wolowitz


Over the years, Howard Wolowitz has made a ton of jokes at Raj Koothrappali’s expense. Aside from the jokes, there has been a great deal of “negative energy” between the two, causing Raj to feel less confident.

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In the latest The Big Bang Theory, Raj realizes this truth about Howard actually cost him a job. In an effort to correct this wrong, he decided to cut ties with Howard, at least for the time being.

With that in mind, who will now be the butt of the joke for Howard?

Is Raj Better Off Without Howard Wolowitz?

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“Sorry doesn’t make up for years of emotional abuse,” said Raj at his own table during lunch. After he confronted Howard, Raj also decided to stop straightening his hair and start dressing better.

In addition to the new look, Raj also developed a more confident tone and mood. In the end, he actually did get a better paying job and he also had the confidence to speak to a new girl after the presentation.

With Raj on the way up, Howard started to pick on Sheldon, Leonard, and Stuart.

Stuart May Be The New Raj Koothrappali

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“Hey Howard—where is everybody?” asked Stuart. “I could ask you the same thing,” said Howard. “Wow, this conversation got mean fast,” added Stuart. At this point, it’s clear that Howard hasn’t learned from his mistakes with Raj.

At the comic book shop alone, Howard confessed to Stuart about his wrongs. Howard is at the shop alone and it would appear that Leonard, Sheldon, and Raj are spending time away from Howard.

Surprisingly, Stuart then volunteers to be the new victim. “I grew up in a loving, supportive household. This [failure] is all on me,” said poor Stuart, standing alone in his comic book shop.

Stuart is another self-deprecating character on the show. Unlike Raj or Howard, he’s less complex and more one-dimensional. Throughout the past decade, he’s rarely changed or grown as a character.

Howard seems to be realizing the wrong he’s doing. At the end, he knows he’s going to have to work on the friendship to make it last.

Do you think Howard and Raj can make things work?