Ever Wondered Who Flirts The Most On The Set Of Big Bang Theory?


Ever wondered who flirts the most on The Big Bang Theory set? Now, thanks to Johnny Galecki, we know that it’s him. Here’s what he had to say about what it’s like on the set of The Big Bang Theory

Johnny Galecki Likes To Flirt

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Apparently, Johnny Galecki likes to flirt… a lot. He likes it so much that he says he’ll flirt with anyone on the set of The Big Bang Theory. He told Larry King, “Wow, I like to flirt. I might have to…but I don’t discriminate, I flirt with everybody.” He dubbed himself the biggest flirt in the cast.

This might explain how Johnny was able to win over Kaley Cuoco so early on in the show’s existence. The pair dated during the first three seasons of Big Bang. They managed to keep their relationship a secret until after they had already broken up. Kaley has said, “He’s one of my best friends and one of the closest people I’ve ever worked with.”

The pair probably still flirt. They’re clearly friendly with Kaley’s now fiance. Johnny seems to have even flirted with Karl Cook when he visited the set. Talk about healthy ex-relationships.

Other Tid Bits From The Set Of The Big Bang Theory

Johnny Galecki also shared a few kept secrets from the set of Big Bang Theory. He told King that the funniest man on set is, “Simon Helburg, he can’t help it, he’s just fast, he’s funny. It’s how his mind works you don’t have to wind him up or turn him on.” He also shared, however, that Kunal Nayyar is usually the first actor to laugh and break character while filming. Galecki joked, “Ironically at his own jokes.”

And finally, Galecki shared the best advice he ever got. His father told him, “Never trust a turning signal, my father used to tell me. I think he meant both literally and figuratively.” We wonder if Mama Hofstadter would ever say anything similar to Leonard.

Very interesting. Did you know these fascinating behind the scenes facts from the set of Big Bang Theory?