The Big Bang Theory Episode 11 To Air December 15!

episode 11
The cast of The Big Bang Theory gives us hope for amazing episodes to come! by

Episode 10 of The Big Bang Theory left fans laughing on the floor and wanting more.  Most of us have been waiting in mind-numbing anticipation for the mid-season finale.  We know that Bernadette’s baby will be born.  We also know that Amy’s birthday present might be affected by the baby delivery.  But unfortunately, the wait is not over!

Episode 11 to Air 12/15

episode 11
Have yourself a drink, sit back, and wait another week for episode 11! By

Episode 10 of The Big Bang Theory was also pushed back a week.  Fans were disappointed, but it was understandable because of Thanksgiving.  But now fans are having to wait an extra week again for the mid-season finale!  CBS will be airing the next episode on December 15th instead.  They sure know how to build tension!

What to Expect?

Howard waves Raj's new wand around by
Howard waves Raj’s new wand around by

Well since we have to wait we can build up the anticipation and find as many spoilers on the internet as possible!  As already stated above Bernadette is going to have her baby and Amy is getting ready for her birthday present.  But being The Big Bang Theory, it will never go that smoothly.  It’s also the mid-season finale so we are all expecting big things. 

What can we give away without spoiling “the joy of discovering it” yourself?  Sheldon would have none of that!  It’s predicted a false alarm bell will be ringing.  Somewhere in the episode we also get to see a Harry Potter reference.

 Though Harry Potter tends to be a highly nerdy topic, we do not experience the Potter references often in The Big Bang Theory.  Off the top of my head, I can remember perhaps ten references to the famous series.  So all Harry Potter fans can be happy and wait excitedly.  And the Harry Potter aspects (yes that is plural) come at an ideal time.  With the revivification of the Harry Potter universe in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there could not be a better time for this reference.

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