Does Mayim Bialik Wear A Fat Suit On Big Bang Theory?


Fans are asking a particularly shocking question. Does Mayim Bialik wear a fat suit on The Big Bang Theory? We explain- and break down the reason she looks so different in real life.

Mayim Bialik in the Press

When we see Mayim Bialik in the press, she appears feminine, healthy, and even glowing. The Big Bang Theory star tends to wear loose dresses with a cinched waist. Her style is effortless, modest, yet still sleek. Most recently she appeared on the Mom’s Network talking about her new book Boying UpThis book follows her first coming of age book Girling Up and talks about what boys go through during puberty and adolescence from a physiological and psychological stand point.

Mayim looks great in the press and we love seeing her out there in the media. However, we can’t help but notice- she looks A LOT skinnier than when she plays Amy Farrah Fowler. Why does Mayim always look so different when we see her outside of her TBBT character? 

Does Mayim Bialik Wear a Fat Suit?

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So does Mayim Bialik wear a fat suit? The internet has speculated that Mayim’s apparent size change from playing Amy, and while promoting her book, is because of a fat suit.

However, we’re here to bring some good news. Mayim has never worn a fat suit. She doesn’t as Amy and she never has for any other role. So why does she look so different as Amy? Let’s dissect.

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