Doctor Cooper and Professor Proton: A Relationship That Never Dies


Sheldon Cooper has many heroes in his life.  Some of these include: The Flash, Batman, Spock, and Professor Proton.  The Big Bang Theory examines each of these relationships throughout the series and even develops them. Dr. Cooper’s love for these beloved characters borders on the point of obsession.  Here we examine his relationship with Professor Proton.

Bob Newhart

Professor Proton
Bob Newhart speaking by

Professor Proton is the nickname for Arthur Jeffries in the series.  Jeffries is played by Bob Newhart.  Newhart was born in 1929 and did some work as an accountant and clerk before he got into stand-up comedy in the 1950’s.  His iconic deadpan delivery was celebrated in the world of comedians. 

His most famous creations included the television series The Bob Newhart Show in which he portrayed the work life of a psychologist. 

Newhart as Professor Proton     

Professor Proton
Professor Proton talks to Penny, his favorite person in the apartment by

Arthur Jeffries spent his early life performing scientific experiments on television to teach children.  Leonard and Sheldon both reveal that he was the motivating factor behind their becoming scientists.  When his show was canceled he could find no work because the scientific community did not take him seriously.  As a result, he ended up traveling and getting paid to do parties and entertainment.  Hence, how he ended up in Sheldon’s apartment. 

Professor Proton in first seen in Season 6 Episode 22 The Proton Resurgence.  Sheldon and Leonard hire him because they think he would be cool to hang out with and talk to.  Arthur is put off by Sheldon but he enjoys being around Penny. 

We meet Professor Proton in three more episodes after his first appearance.  He later asks for Leonard’s opinion on a paper written by Professor Proton.  This, of course, infuriates Sheldon, who causes drama because of it. 

The last two appearances of Arthur happen after his death.  He comes to Sheldon in his dreams as a Jedi ghost.  While Arthur has no idea who Obi-Wan is, he appears to be wise and gives Sheldon advice in his time of need.

Which of Sheldon’s heroes is your favorite?