This Character Just Showed Up As The Most Unexpected Person In Young Sheldon


Bully Jimmy Speckerman Arrives On TBBT

Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Back in Season 5, Leonard has a bully from his childhood show up. In “The Speckerman Recurrence,” the bully arrives with an idea and wants Leonard to help him with achieving this goal.

The idea is complicated but underdeveloped. The high school bully thinks there should be glasses that turn every movie into a 3D movie. However, despite being “cool,” it’s not plausible, and he thinks Leonard can fix it.

The funny part is, actor Lance Barber plays the bully, Jimmy Speckerman, but now he’s Sheldon’s father George Senior on Young Sheldon.

Leonard Stands Up To His Bully

Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the Speckerman episode, Jimmy has a little too much to drink and then apologizes to Leonard for treating him so poorly back in high school. In the end, it seems like he’s sincere about the apology.

The next morning, however, the bully wakes up and is the same old bad guy. He forgot about the apology and treated Leonard poorly again. Speckerman even takes Leonard’s pancakes away from him.

Eventually, Sheldon and Leonard stand up to the bully.

Jimmy Speckerman Is Now George Cooper Sr.

Lance Barber | Photo Credit CBS
Lance Barber | Photo Credit CBS

Perhaps there will one day be an inside joke about the fact that Lance Barber is both Jimmy Speckerman and George Cooper Sr. On Young Sheldon, the dad is doing his best to raise a young genius.

In the premiere episode, George reveals that he has been moved to this new school for speaking the truth. Now, he just does his best and tries not to make waves. He encourages his son to do the same.

The 9-year-old high-schooler is making waves of his own on the first day of school. Not only does he offend the other students by discussing the dress code, but he also bashes the teachers with his smarts.

Despite how different Young Sheldon is from everyone else, his father does his best to protect the boy. He hides his bow-tie and tries to tell the boy ways to fit in at school. George is very different from Jimmy Speckerman.

Did you notice this bully connection between the two shows?