Critics Decide The Best Season of The Big Bang Theory- It’s Not What You Guessed


The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is now in its 10th season. This strong ensemble show has taken each character through plot twists, life changes, and multiple story lines. Each season seems to add more and more to love. However, the critics have spoken, and they have decided which season of The Big Bang Theory is the best by far.

Keep reading and let us know if you agree with the results…

TBBT Season 2

Season 2 was the first season to receive a score of 100% on the rotten tomatoes website. Season 1 only received a 55%. The critic’s consensus on season 1 is, “The Big Bang Theory brings a new class of character to mainstream television, but much of the comedy feels formulaic and stiff.” However, for season 2 they decided the show had improved vastly.

What was the big difference? We’re not sure. Perhaps the cast had meshed a bit more. The writers had been writing for a whole year and were really finding their flow. Highlights of the second seasons included Penny and Sheldon’s budding relationship. They were no longer merely antagonists and realized they actually had common ground. Our favorite episode was The Classified Materials Turbulence. Penny goes on a bizarre date with Stuart, Howard makes a space toilet, and Leonard gives dating advice.

This next season found Penny greeting Leonard with…

Season 3 of The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 also has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This season started off with a bang as Penny greeted Leonard back from the North Pole is a kiss on the lips. We were immediately excited about what the season would hold. This season also gained TBBT quite a bit of new viewers. They would have upwards of 15 million each week. In The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary of Season 3, we meet Bernadette for the very first time. Penny isn’t the only blonde now, and Bernadette’s fiery personality and quick remarks brought an entirely new dynamic to the show.

This season also ended on a high note. In the finale, The Lunar Excitation, we are introduced to Amy Farrah Fowler. Amy has become one of the most beloved characters of The Big Bang Theory. She and Sheldon’s first date was at a coffee bar, and the two could not have been more similar.

Season 3 was awesome because we got to meet the ladies who make TBBT great. Penny got friends, and Sheldon and Howard found love. This is probably the best season to date.

This next season received a 100% rating on…

TBBT Season 5

TBBT Season 5 was another great season with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This is the season Amy and Bernadette became regular main characters on the show. It also encapsulated Bernadette and Howard’s wedding. Of course we had to suffer through the long and drawn out relationship of Priya and Leonard, but we were rewarded with Amy and Sheldon cementing their true feelings for one another.

A highlight of this season would have to be Bernadette and Howard being married by all five of their best friends. In Bernadette’s words, “They all got ordained, they’re all marrying us. It’s adorable.”

What is your favorite Season of The Big Bang Theory? Do you prefer the earlier years when everyone was getting to know each other? Or do you like now that they all have established characters and lives?

Scroll down, leave a comment – what season did you like the best?

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