You Won’t Believe Who Might Play The Role Of Sheldon’s Brother


Thanks to the success of Young Sheldon, fans of The Big Bang Theory may get to see more crossover characters between the two shows. So far, we’ve met Sheldon’s mom, sister, and Meemaw, but we haven’t met Sheldon’s brother Georgie yet. This is where Matthew McConaughey may come into the picture.

Matthew McConaughey | Photo Credit Fool’s Gold

On Young Sheldon, the 9-year-old has an older brother and twin sister. When Sheldon’s attractive sister arrived, all of her friends tried their best to hit on her. Luckily, Penny saved her from their dishonest pursuits.

Then we got to met Meemaw but we still haven’t met Georgie. With a wedding coming up, Chuck Lorre is considering his options for bringing Georgie to life.

Will Matthew McConaughey Join The Big Bang Theory?

Matthew McConaughey | Photo Credit Bernie

“We are all in love with young Billy Sparks, so if he walked into Pasadena it would be a thrill,” said Chuck Lorre. “That would be something.” He also expressed interest in getting Texas native Matthew McConaughey to play George Cooper Jr.

A few years ago, it’s possible that McConaughey would have taken the role no questions asked. With movies like Failure to Launch and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, he made his way into the rom-com universe. But recently, his tastes have changed a great deal and he’s even won an Oscar.

In terms of doing the show, he did a Lincoln commercial after winning an Oscar, but he’s turned down Marvel villain roles, so we really don’t know

A Heavy Workload Set For 2018 Productions

Matthew McConaughey | Photo Credit Beach Bum

The actor was born in Uvalde, Texas. He’s currently filming a movie called The Beach Bum with Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dog, and Jimmy Buffet, but he’s got two other movies listed as post-production.

Serenity stars Diane Lane and Anne Hathaway and a movie called White Boy Rick co-stars Jennifer Jason Leigh and Eddie Marsan. Despite the fact that he has three movies coming out in 2018, it’s possible he could still guest star on The Big Bang Theory.

The question, then, is how they could bring him onto the show? The most obvious choice would be to have him show up at the wedding. Then the writers would need to decide if he’ll be a screw-up or a reformed man.

In one scenario, he could pick a fight with Leonard over being the Best Man. In another, he could show up humble and be a true big brother for once.

Do you think Matthew McConaughey will take on the role of Georgie?