From A Batman Cookie Jar To A Time Machine TBBT Has It


Cool Stuff is Everywhere

While TBBT is rife with verbal comedy and funny exchanges, the jokes aren’t always from words alone. In fact, many times they center around a nifty object. Whether it’s hiding in the background or the main gag, there’s a lot of cool stuff which appears throughout the show.

You might not have remembered them, but we did for you! So here’s a small list compiling just a few of the random cool objects they bring on board.

The Batman Cookie Jar


To appease Sheldon before breaking some bad news, Leonard gets our favorite super-nerd a cookie jar shaped like Batman. Not exactly the thing you expect the caped crusader to hold, but there you have it.

The Three-Dimensional Chess Board

Chess is already considered to be an intensely complex board game. So what’s better than making it even harder.

Enter 3D chess, which every now and again you’ll see the gang play (though primarily Sheldon and Leonard). The board is on three levels and often appeared on Star Trek. So of course, TBBT wanted to make reference to that.

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