Comic-con International and The Big Bang

Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg at Comic-con 2011 by
Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg at Comic-con 2011 by

Every year in July tens of thousands of people gather in a peaceful coming together in San Diego, California.  All over the streets we see people dressed in crazy and sometimes perfect costumes.  Famous stars from science-fiction movies, comic books, television, and more gather under one roof.  It is the nerd event of the year!  It is Comic-con International.  And yes, The Big Bang Theory attends.

What is Comic-con?

comic-con international
Star Wars cosplayers show off their costumes as they pose for a picture at Comic-con International 2016 by

To anyone unfamiliar with the culture, comic-con comes off as some weird gathering of geeks playing dress up.  But the history and meaning of the event runs much deeper.  The phrase comic-con is utilized generically for any comic convention. Such as New York Comic-con.  But we are talking about the Comic-con in San Diego.

It began back in the 1970’s and has grown to encompass over 150,000 people.  Nerds of all shapes, sizes, and ages gather to meet their favorite people, get sweet merchandise, show off cosplay, learn about the latest news, and meet other people.  If there is a heaven for nerds, it looks like San Diego Comic-con.

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