Amy Farrah Fowler Is In Charge Of The Biggest ‘Moment’ On The Big Bang Theory And She…


“We’re having trouble agreeing on a location,” said Amy Farrah Fowler in regards to the wedding. Since Sheldon Cooper decided to pass the planning torch to Amy, she’s been leaning towards a beach-cliff wedding, but not having any luck.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Some were too beachy. Some were too cliffy,” said Amy Farrah Fowler. Finally, Sheldon Cooper added, “All of them were too outsidey.” So far, it looks like the wedding might be pushed back a little more than we thought.

Either way, Penny reminded them of one important fact: Sheldon won’t be moving back in with them.

Amy Farrah Fowler Helps Plan The Wedding

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So far, there’s not a ton of information about the Sheldon and Amy wedding. Since the plans were giving her future husband an ulcer, Amy agreed to take over. But her plans are not linking up with her man’s idea of the big day.

For Sheldon Cooper, most of his wedding plans are actually just wedding vetoes. He’s too busy saying “No” to worry about when he finally will say, “I do.” But, we do know that he will be wearing his Star Trek uniform under the tux.

As he told Amy, that’s a non-negotiation.

Our Prediction For The Sheldon And Amy Wedding

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In addition to the Spock uniform, we also know that Sheldon has no plans of getting married in a church. In the premiere, he decided to drop this news to his mother moments after telling her of the engagement. Surprisingly, she wasn’t too upset.

Since Sheldon Cooper won’t be getting married in a church and he won’t be getting married outside, that lives some unique options. Unless he gets married at the university, that could mean some other special wedding for the odd couple.

Perhaps Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler will plan a big event around Comic-Con or some other nerdy event. There, he could dress up just like Spock and it would just be normal among the crowd.

In addition, if they went this route, all of his friends could wear that favorite cosplay outfits as well. With Sheldon dressed as Spock, he may make all of his best men also dress up like Star Trek characters.

What kind of wedding do you think Sheldon Cooper will finally settle on?