A TBBT TRIBUTE: Whose Doorbell Will Sheldon Ring Now? A Look At Carrie In The Show…


RIP Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher lives on in all of her loyal fans like Sheldon Cooper by today.com.

It is always a hard day when a star dies. We feel connected to them through their work. So I can only imagine how Sheldon Cooper must feel this week after learning about the death of Carrie Fisher.

Carrie’s Career

Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher threatens James Earl Jones after he and Sheldon rang her doorbell by sitcomsonline.com.

For those who do not know (I can only imagine you’re not a Star Wars fan – which could call your love of TBBT into question), Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars. Most recently, her character reappeared in last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, much to fans’ delight.

But this is not the only place we see her. She made a Big Bang Theory appearance in Season 7.

The Convention Conundrum featured Sheldon Cooper trying to recruit famous pop culture icons for his own Comic-Con. He comes across James Earl Jones at a restaurant and the two hang out. One of the memorable parts of the evening is when the pair go and prank Carrie Fisher by ringing her doorbell.

She comes out with a baseball bat calling to Jones that “It’s not funny anymore!”

The World is Coming to an End!

Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher as her famous character Leia Organa by starwars.wikia.com.

Well not exactly, but Carrie is the first of the big three to pass away from the Star Wars films. Sometime after Christmas Day, Fisher suffered a major heart attack aboard a plane. The famous actress then went into cardiac arrest.

Fisher then passed away on the 27th at the too-young age of 60.

Carrie is the daughter of movie great, Debbie Reynolds. Reynolds shares her appreciation to Carrie’s fans on FB. 

There is no doubt that the world is a less heroic place without Carrie Fisher. Rest in peace and may the force be with you!

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