Can Sheldon Cooper Replace This Major Character? Your View May Be Changed…


Sheldon Cooper makes a pretty big announcement at dinner in the latest Big Bang Theory. “They’re going to stat making Professor Proton science show again,” said Sheldon Cooper to the group.

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At this point, Howard makes an inappropriate joke, but then Amy and Leonard talk about how important the show was to the boys. Essentially, Professor Proton is the reason why several of the guys became scientists in the first place.

Now, future generations can be influenced by a new Professor Proton.

Sheldon Cooper Auditions For Professor Proton

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Sheldon Cooper knows it won’t be easy to replace Arthur Jefferies. As he begins to speak, he quickly starts referring to himself as a possible replacement. “It should be a scientist I respect. Someone with a pleasing voice and symmetrical facial features,” began Sheldon.

Later in the episode, we see Amy helping Sheldon with his audition tape. In an effort to mimic Professor Proton, Sheldon puts on his tie and lab coat. However, it’s clear that Sheldon doesn’t quite “get it” in terms of speaking to the kids.

In fact, it’s possible he could kill a few kids if they try his experiments…

THIS Professor Is A Mad Scientist…

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“Today, boys and girls, we’re going to have fun with science,” said Sheldon. “Did you know you can calculate the mass of an electron using household items. It’s true. All you’ll need is a pencil, some paper, dry ice, rubbing alcohol, and a spool of 50-micron thick cobalt 60 wire…”

This, of course, is when Amy decides to intervene. As we saw in the series premiere of Young Sheldon, Professor Proton’s experiment involved things like baking soda or a potato, but Sheldon’s “household items” are quite different.

“Remember, don’t put it in your mouth or you’ll become wildly radioactive,” said Sheldon with a serious face. About this time, Amy is forced to ask her fiancé, “Do you have any experiments that aren’t life threatening?”

As good as Sheldon Cooper’s intentions, it’s likely best he doesn’t get the job. In fact, his old nemesis and sometimes friend Wil Wheaton ends up stealing the show.

What did you think of Sheldon Cooper’s audition for Professor Proton?