Everyone’s Asking This Question About Raj (And The Answer Is No…)


“What if I see a sunset that reminds me of her?” asked Raj Koothrappali. While speaking with Penny, it was pretty clear that Raj isn’t the “casual” sort of guy. Instead, he’s more of a hopeless romantic who wants a fairytale love life.

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That night at dinner, Raj freaks out when a rose salesperson walks over to his table. In an effort to keep things casual, he told this person to “get outta here!” From that point on, he does his best to keep things casual between the two.

“I hate when someone assumes two people are dating just because they look like they would make beautiful babies together,” said Raj Koothrappali.

Raj Koothrappali Works On Keeping It Casual

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“I don’t have a lot of experience with casual relationships. I have some experience with serious relationships and a ton of experience with no relationships,” said Raj to his potential girlfriend.

A moment later and he’s daydreaming about Ruchi, who is simply telling him about her day. It’s pretty obvious that Raj Koothrappali is looking for more than just a casual relationship with this woman.

“Sounds wonderful,” he said after she finished a story about her day…

Ruchi And Raj Give Romance A Chance

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For the most part, it’s a major possibility that Raj will screw things up for Ruchi. But, since the two have a few things in common (mainly cricket), both are willing to give this thing a chance.

The real problem, of course, could come later. Ruchi doesn’t believe in love, so she may never really have the same feelings for Raj. During their date, she told Raj that those are just chemical feelings in the brain.

Raj, who believes in soul mates and finding the love of your life is not the type of guy accept anything casual. Instead, he wants to find someone who is going to love him forever, like in Titanic or The Notebook.

Hopefully, Ruchi will one day change her views on love and give Raj a real chance.

Do you think Raj Koothrappali will be able to have a casual girlfriend?