Breaking News: Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory is officially coming!


After numerous cancellation rumors, season 11 is greenlit!

season 11 renewed

It has been a series of several stressful months for Big Bang Theory fans. Rumors of the show’s cancellation started earlier in the year from some of the actors, and it’s been nail-biting anxiety ever since.

Season 11 was a constant tug of war, full of “maybe, probably, we’d like to,” and so on.

To quickly catch you up – season 11 would have been too costly to make if actors Cuoco and Galecki received a pay increase. Rumors speculated they were asking for a renewed $1 million per episode, instead of $900K. It was bargaining which kept things in unknown territory as uncertainty rose about how the whole thing would resolve. The show was already pushing $9 million per episode to make, so this contract increase was stretching it thin.

Complications overcome.

Things were looking doubly bleak for season 11 when Cuoco mentioned ‘plans’ to focus on family and getting pregnant. There was even rumor she wanted to put a family focus in The Big Bang Theory too.

Whatever changed was enough to cause her to sign a new contract. Galecki too, although the details are not precise for amounts agreed.  It’s also not sure what was discussed for the contract renewal, though we’ll likely see some of that in the weeks to come.

Jim Parsons is also involved, but there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind he’ll be back for season 11. The actor has never expressed interest in “moving on.” Granted, if he goes for several other creative projects on the table, there might be less focus on him in season 11.

What now?

We’re still in a TBBT dry spell. The show is on hiatus for the holidays but returns on December 1st. The next episode is said to appear sometime around the 9th or 10th. As for the official start date of season 11, no particular day has been given. However, it’s expected to start around September of next year.

To keep us fans interested, it’s likely we won’t get specifics for a while. This is probably to keep us engaged and hanging on every word of the show runners. Heck, it was unlikely the show was going anywhere, but the anxiety spawned about the show ending from vague actor remarks set the rumor mills in action.

Predictions for changes.

The only takeaway for expectations is thus: if Cuoco does, in fact, pursue family life, in or out of the show, TBBT could take a new direction. With Bernadette also having a child soon, there could be a sudden spree of kid actors in the nerd science sitcom. Whether or not this is a good thing only time can tell.

For now, we’ll be on the lookout for official season 11 details. Pay special attention to see if they will clue us in about what’s ahead.