Bob Newhart Reveals How He REALLY Feels About Coming Back… “It’s Just..”


“It’s just great coming back,” said iconic actor Bob Newhart. The comedian and star just returned to The Big Bang Theory, and he is as funny as ever. This is the 88-year-old’s fifth appearance on the show.

Bob Newhart | Photo Credit Newhart
Bob Newhart | Photo Credit Newhart

This time, Bob Newhart arrived as a combination of Professor Proton and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Sheldon Cooper’s mind. The visit, of course, came because Sheldon Cooper learned that there was going to be a Professor Proton reboot.

“You love it, but I don’t love it,” said Bob Newhart about the Obi-Wan look.

Bob Newhart And Jim Parsons Talk Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Jim Parsons also loved working with the icon again. Parsons revealed, “It is really, really unpredictable in a really good way. I mean, like, he is solid. I love it. He is so great,” said the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper.

According to Newhart, the writing is what brings him back. “It’s good writing. I knew it was going to be good writing and that’s—I think—kind of hard to find these days,” said the actor who won an Emmy for the role as Outstanding Guest Actor in 2013.

“And it’s done in front of a live audience, which [is what] I always did for my shows,” said Bob Newhart.

Sheldon Cooper Chats With Old Friend

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

On the latest episode, when Sheldon Cooper visits his old friend, Professor Proton isn’t too excited to see the dreamer. The first time, Professor Proton revealed how much he doesn’t like the robes or the “moist log.”

Later in the episode, Professor Proton talks about the duo meeting in a deli the next time. “That’s the kind of thing you can tell a fella over a pastrami sandwich,” confirmed the figment in Sheldon’s mind.

All in all, Professor Proton is not upset that someone wants to reboot his show. Also, he’s also not so in love with the former series. Since the show ended being on Sunday morning, he doesn’t see it as the legacy that Sheldon does.

At this point, it’s unclear if Bob Newhart will return to the show, but we certainly hope he does. There was also a brief cameo by Professor Proton on Sheldon Cooper’s family television on the spinoff, Young Sheldon.

What is your favorite episode that features Professor Proton?