Big Bang’s Theory Biggest Hoax!


Brace yourselves, this hoax, is mind-blowing

According to the show’s official page on IMDB, (still waiting on the confirmation of this information) most of the time, Leonard has no lenses in his glasses! No one could anticipate this. Okay, this is not exactly breaking news, but man! Once you take a look at those glasses, you see it instantly, but before – you live an illusion. Okay, all joking aside – there are so many things and elements of the show that seem fictional but are, in fact, real that we wanted to create a small list of what’s actually true in the series, which you might not expect.

Can you see it?
Can you see it?

Sheldon Cooper’s T-shirts

The diversity of his closet boggles the mind. More incredibly, though, is that there is a website that tracks all of these crazy geeky t-shirts and offers them for sale! Check out this link to find all of your favorite Star Trek and comic book t-shirts you’ve seen Sheldon wear. The most hardcore fans can even get a Doppler Effect costume which will blow the minds of fellow Big Bang Theory fans.

Pocket Whip App

Yep, this is a thing. Hey, do you have extra time and free space on your phone? Well, why not use this time to download an app that will simulate a whip sound? Sounds like a great usage of time! Obviously, we all remember Sheldon using this little gem in the series, so it’s nice to get one yourself. The app was around before the show, but the appearance on The Big Bang Theory highlighted it and brought it to the hall of fame of the apps. Check your mobile app store to find it.

Periodic Table Shower Curtain

It is believed, that the famous Russian chemist Mendeleev dreamed of this periodic table of chemical elements. Meaning, that he literally had a dream where he visualized it. So, it doesn’t feel out of place to have it in a shower. A centerpiece of Leonard’s and Sheldon’s bathroom – where we all daydream. It’s available on Amazon for a bit over 20 bucks. The company that sells them even boasts that the table is updated with all the recently added elements proudly on display. I’m sure you would not accept any it any other way, I mean – no Nihonium? Yeah, right – you’d notice it right away, before even unpacking this thing.


The great thing about such long-lasting shows is that they accumulate and leave a significant number of memorabilia and items everyone identifies it with

Whether it’s a Flash t-shirt or a bathroom curtain (both, excellent additions to the household) – you get to bring a tiny bit of the show home with you. And believe me, once you get into that Doppler Effect costume – you wouldn’t want to walk in anything else. Honestly, what can top that?