Big Bang Theory — Who Should Stay, and Who Could Go?


We’ve all got opinions like Sheldon has degrees.

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The whirlwind of The Big Bang Theory season 11’s uncertain future created a schism. While recent news has a season 11 all but confirmed, the picture was looking gloomy.

As such, there were some thoughts on the show’s future. One, in particular, was the show could go on, but what if it lost some cast members along the way?

Let’s be real: if anyone went missing from the cast, it would undoubtedly be less popular. However, let’s also be real: not all fans like every member of team Big Bang Theory. Some would wish certain characters would go, some think a few are absolutely essential.

Let’s be objective. By that I mean, let’s have opinions.

So if season 11 was happening but contracts couldn’t be resolved, the fallout would be thus: Leonard and Penny would be out of the picture.

Could the show survive this? Yes. It wouldn’t be pretty, but yes. Leonard was the straight man to Sheldon’s antics. Sheldon would bounce a joke off of Leonard, and there would be a snippy response.

Penny was part of the show to force relationship drama into it. Three minutes into episode one and we see Leonard pining after her. She’s the “grounded” one, the character who says “huh” when a nerd unloads some excessively complex sentence.

You could probably lose Penny and still retain a lot of the humor. Most of the laughs occur from references or the geeky exchanges between characters. Leonard being gone, though, would hurt that dynamic. The show could still exist, but we’d be missing the other half to Sheldon’s humor.

Is this a spinoff now?

There was some talk of Jim Parsons not returning as Sheldon Cooper too. If that were true, The Big Bang Theory would seem completely different. That’s because Sheldon is a core part of the humor. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s integral to that feeling.

Who would the characters get annoyed with? Or get confused by? Comedy comes from conflict, and Sheldon creates most of it. If you don’t have him, you’re left with Howard’s creepy flirts with women and Raj tossing in a one-liner here and there.


You could technically get by with Howard, Bernadette, Raj, and Amy. But, we would have to rely on their comedy dynamic instead, which would be entirely different from what audiences are used to. It would be doable, of course.

Raj could take a larger role than “funny foreigner friend.” Howard would be responsible for most of the nerd comedy. Bernadette would get angry at Howard (oh boy). Amy would make excuses why Sheldon wasn’t around anymore.

Personally, I think you could strip it down to just Sheldon and Leonard. That’d be challenging, but doable. Yes, I know, sacrilegious to any Big Bang Theory fan. But nerds arguing about the physics of how Aquaman could survive in deep space sounds interesting enough to me.

Then again, we’re not the comedy writers. It’s possible losing anyone on the cast would make the show just flat out impossible to do.

What are your opinions?

Do you think the show could lose an actor and still be what it is?