Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode Recap (So Far!) Part 2

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-26

Let’s get back to our quickie recap of season 10 of the Big Bang Theory, so far.

Episode 4: The Cohabitation Experimentation

After a plumbing problem makes Amy’s apartment uninhabitable for five weeks, Leonard and Penny suggest Amy move into Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. After Amy proposes their cohabitation as an experiment, Sheldon agrees to move with her into Penny’s apartment, thrilling Leonard and Penny.

Amy’s first night in Sheldon’s bed is rough and she doesn’t get much sleep due to Sheldon’s tossing and turning. The next morning they fight until Amy suggests they head for their apartment and make out.

After an ultrasound, Howard and Bernadette are angry that Raj knows the sex of their baby when they had elected not to find out. They have a rough night debating whether to call Raj about it.

Episode 5: The Hot Tub Contamination

Amy and Sheldon storm into Leonard and Penny’s apartment arguing about Sheldon having a bathroom schedule. To let them cool off Penny takes Sheldon to an ice cream parlor, where he plans to look for a replacement for Amy. Sheldon confesses he once walked in on his father with another woman, which is why he always knocks three times when entering a room now. He is worried t that he will hurt Amy one day. Penny convinces him to give the relationship a chance.


Leonard coaches Amy on how to live with Sheldon. Returning, Sheldon agrees to compromise so he does away with the bathroom schedule and they share a toothbrush holder, a big step for Sheldon.

After a canceled weekend away, Howard and Bernadette find Raj and Stuart secretly coming into their house and using the hot tub. They listen in as Raj reveals he is now single, but finally kick them out when Stuart says he isn’t wearing a bathing suit.


So far, we’ve watched Leonard and Penny’s second wedding. We’ve seen crazy relatives fight. The fans have learned that Amy and Sheldon are the most popular people on campus. We have seen Bernadette at her strongest and her most vulnerable.

Sheldon and Amy are really learning how to live together as a couple. Raj is looking forward to being an uncle. But I’m hoping he’ll get lucky in love soon.

One of the most revealing things we have learned this season, besides Bernadette’s insecurities, is the true origin of Sheldon’s knocking. That scene honestly broke my heart a little. But at least he managed to see that he cannot remain afraid.

Who knows what else we will learn this season? We have a baby on the way, a couple learning about relationships, an unfinished invention, and we have some questionable hot tub activity. Who goes commando in someone else’s tub? Apparently, Stuart.

Be sure to tune in to Monday night’s episode (10/24/16). The episode is called The Fetal Kick Catalyst. So, I’m pretty sure that we are in for some baby talk. Will you be watching?

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