Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode Recap (So Far!) – Part 1


Since we are now five episodes into season ten, I thought I could do a quick recap. That way, if anyone needs a refresher before the next episode, here it is! I think it may be useful to do this every five episodes. Since, this is more of a quick recap. I may make this a trend.

Episode 1: The Conjugal Conjecture

The gang prepares for Leonard and Penny’s second wedding ceremony. Sheldon and Leonard fear that Mary slept with Alfred the previous night, though they swear nothing happened. They do, however, plan to visit each other, irritating Beverly.

Penny’s family arrives. Her mother worries that her son’s recent jail stint will cause Leonard’s family to think of them as white trash. The ceremony goes well, with Leonard and Penny declaring their love for each other, Beverly and Alfred grateful they at least made Leonard together during their relationship, and Sheldon declaring his love for the couple.

Howard is repeatedly contacted by Air Force Colonel Richard Williams, who scares both him and Raj. Howard eventually agrees to meet him, but the colonel refuses to give the reason for his interest.

Episode 2: The Military Miniaturization


Leonard and Howard worry the military might try to take over the guidance system project for weaponry, but Sheldon does not. They make him promise not to talk during the meeting with Colonel Williams. The Colonel is impressed with Howard as the main brain behind the project, making Sheldon squirm. The military wants a smaller version made, perhaps in four months. Sheldon, no longer able to contain himself, promises to have it in two. Though the others are angry about such a tight deadline, they all have fun with their new lab’s retinal scanner.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical company employees have found out Bernadette is pregnant, infuriating her as they might take her off the next big medical project. Penny admits she was the one who let this slip. Bernadette forgives her because she intends to threaten her boss with a lawsuit if she’s taken off the project.

Episode 3: The Dependence Transcendence

Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are exhausted trying to meet the Air Force’s deadline. In a dream, The Flash convinces Sheldon to take an energy drink. After it wears off Sheldon is convinced he is addicted, further annoying the other two. Sheldon breaks down and admits he cannot figure out the math and isn’t as smart as he thought. The others comfort him. Facing Colonel Williams, they admit they need at least two years, which is easily accepted as the military is used to contractors not meeting deadlines.

Amy takes Penny to a party thrown by Bert the geologist, and they are the only ones there. Bert shocks them by saying Amy is the most popular scientist at Caltech and falls in love with Penny.

Raj tries to help Bernadette get the nursery ready, but she doesn’t enjoy it. She admits her lack of excitement makes her fear she cannot be maternal. Raj calls his father who tells Bernadette that while she may not like babies in general, she can still love her own child.

This article will run past its word limit. We will continue in a part 2.