The Big Bang Theory Pays Tribute To THIS Famous Cartoonist


On The Big Bang Theory, the cast honors a new superhero comic every week. Whether they’re at Stuart’s comic book shop or Batman cookie jars in the apartment, they certainly love comics. In the latest episode, the writers honored the great comic strip, The Far Side.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I don’t get that one,” said Sheldon Cooper on the episode. “He pushing when he should pull.” Amy confirmed that that was the joke. “Then I don’t think he should be going to that gifted school,” said Sheldon, not quite getting it.

This came out because Raj wanted the gang to see his write-up in the newspaper, but we’re thrilled to see this Easter egg for fans. After all, Gary Larson is an icon.

The Big Bang Theory Showcases The Far Side Comic

The Far Side | Photo Credit Gary Larson

Gary Larson is best known for creating The Far Side. During the 14-year-run, the daily comic brought a new type of humor to the daily paper. The strip became an international phenomenon, landing in 1,900 national papers right away.

Larson won the National Cartoonists’ Society Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonish. In addition, it also won the Best Syndicated Panel Award. It’s hard to believe that the comic ended over twenty years ago, mainly because fans have bought tens of millions of Far Side books and calendars since it’s finale.

The thing that makes the comic so great is the unusual humor from the single panel.

Timeless Jokes From Icon Gary Larson

The Far Side | Photo Credit Gary Larson

Whether Gary Larson is telling the truth about the dinosaurs becoming extinct (smoking cigarettes), showing cows on their hind legs when the farmer is away, or even discussing the iconic “Midvale School For The Gifted,” the jokes are timeless.

True fans can purchase The Complete Far Side, which contains every syndicated comic (somewhere above 4,000 panels). Except for the occasional reference to Leona Helmsley or other forgotten references, the book is mainly timeless.

The initial complete collection came from Andrews and McMeel publications in 2003. The hardback versions came in two volumes, which weighed around ten pounds a piece (the new paperback versions are much lighter).

Whether or not you wish to gift The Far Side, it’s certainly an amazing self-indulgence for those who love Gary Larson and his twisted humor.

What is your favorite The Far Side comic from Gary Larson? Did you catch Sheldon’s ongoing Leonard-prank in the previous episode (read here)?