Big Bang Theory Last Night’s Episode Recap: the Hot Tub Contamination Part 2

By Miranda Moore | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-20

Penny is still driving Sheldon around and now they are both complaining about their partners. Sheldon suggest that they stop for ice cream. Penny agrees. Sheldon wishes that Amy would be that subservient. She has sex one time and then she’s Gloria Steinem. While at the ice cream parlor he can look for other women. Penny points out that he had a hard enough time with one woman. Sheldon retorts that being with Amy has awoken the sexual creature within. When he sees a pretty woman walking down the street, he thinks “Hubba-hubba!”

Raj and Stuart are now having wine and they toast Howard and Bernadette and the house key they never asked him to return. Now Bernadette is mad at Howard for not getting it from Stuart. Stuart has no electricity since he hasn’t paid his bill. Raj invites him to crash at his apartment since he has broken up with his girlfriends. Their choices. He never told anyone. Stuart asks him how his dating was going and his best date was sitting in the hot tub with Stuart.

Amy and Leonard talking in 4A at the kitchen island. Leonard encourages Amy to hold firm on the bathroom schedule unlike he did. Amy thinks it is easier to give in. Leonard reminds her that she did get him to stop sanitizing his pocket change, putting things other than gloves in the car glove box (Mittens), and he got him to eat a turkey dog. No, that was Koothrappali. She can’t walk out on Pinocchio before he becomes a real boy. Amy says that she is also in their relationship and that if he doesn’t like it, he can move back to 4A. Leonard says that he can, but he will need a good locksmith.


While Penny and Sheldon eating ice cream at the ice cream parlor, Penny suggests the girl behind the counter and the one eating strawberry ice cream, Sheldon’s favorite. He rejects them. Penny asks him if Sheldon is really looking for someone else. Sheldon tells her that she is wise beyond her years, though at her age she is getting up there.

Penny wants to know what the real story is. Sheldon begins a story that he has told no one. When he was 13, on a break from college (They ran out of math that they could teach him.), Sheldon returned home and found his father in in his parents’ bedroom having relations with another woman. That is why he knocks three times. The first is traditional and the other two gives them enough time to get their pants on. What worries Sheldon is that he and Amy have been bickering like his parents did and he doesn’t want to disappoint Amy down the road. Penny yells at him that she only wants to share a toothbrush holder together.

Sheldon also figures he should apologize to Penny for not first hitting on her since he was looking for another partner. He thinks of Penny as a nanny. Penny tells him to finish his ice cream so she can get him home to bed.

While enjoying the hot tub, Raj suggests that it is time to leave. Raj gets out, while Stuart doesn’t since is not wearing shorts. Howard finally loses his temper and tells them to buy their own hot tub.

Back in 4A, with Amy enjoying sitting in Sheldon’s spot saying how nice it was and that she would start there standing up to Sheldon. Penny and Sheldon return from the ice cream parlor, and Amy quickly shifts to the center of the sofa. Sheldon apologizes for his earlier behavior and he is willing to forego the bathroom schedule. He was never interested in other women and to prove it he is willing to take their relationship to the next level.

Next in Penny’s bathroom, Sheldon tells to Amy, “Amy Farah Fowler, will you share this toothbrush holder with me?” Amy would love to do that. They both put their toothbrushes into the holder and hug with Amy looking very happy. Penny and Leonard are looking on. Leonard wants to know why they had to be there. Penny sheds a tear. “Call me crazy, but I found it moving.”

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting Sheldon’s knocking reveal to be so heavy. What did you guys think?

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