The Big Bang Theory Just Got Bad News… Is This It?


This Cartoon Just Moved TBBT Second Place

Rick and Morty | Photo Credit Adult Swim

Despite their decade on top, The Big Bang Theory has just been knocked to second place among the coveted millennial viewership, 18-35. Sheldon and Leonard have been knocked aside by Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty.

The late-night cartoon just beat Saturday Night Live, Modern Family and TBBT based on the September ratings. The new systems combine direct streams from websites, television views, and other streaming possibilities.

It’s also important to remember that CBS restricts a ton of the viewership possibilities from The Big Bang Theory.

New Rating Systems Showcases Streaming

Rick and Morty | Photo Credit Adult Swim

Rick and Morty officially come on at 11:30 pm on Sunday nights, so the new viewing system is a vital factor. More people are watching CBS on Monday nights, but in total, this new show has taken the crown.

Specifically, the numbers indicate that The Big Bang Theory showcased around 1.8 million views while Rick and Morty took in 2.5 million views per episode. But there’s one really surprising factor in all of this.

Rick and Morty is one of the darkest, most offensive shows on television.

Dan Harmon’s Controversial Series

Rick and Morty | Photo Credit Adult Swim

The new series comes from Dan Harmon, the creator of NBC’s Community. The writer and creator was removed from the show for creative differences. Now, he’s given a chance to take even more risks over at Cartoon Network.

If anything, the new series is somewhat like Futurama, but more offensive and even features curse words. The show follows a grandfather mad scientist and his grandson as they go on adventures together.

The real unique aspect of the show is the inter-dimension travel. In many of the episodes, there’s more than one Rick and Morty to follow around. This makes the show standout, among other shows which focus on space in general.

In addition to the unusual aspects of the show, millennials are also connecting with the references on the show. With episodes like The Rickshank Redemption, film buffs can watch a series caked with Easter Eggs.

Have you seen Rick and Morty on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim?