Big Bang Theory’s New Guest Star Will Drop Your Jaw


In exciting news, Bill Gates will add to the long list of incredible The Big Bang Theory guest stars. Here’s what we know about the tech genius’ trip to Sheldon Cooper’s territory.

Bill Gates For The Big Bang Theory

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Bill Gates is the newest The Big Bang Theory guest star. He’s set to appear in season 11 of TBBT. Fans believe the Microsoft king will appear in The Antheneum Allocation, which is set to air March 8th. However, that hasn’t been confirmed by the network.

In the episode, Bill Gates will play himself. He actually won’t be in town to meet the boys or work at the University, like many guest stars in the past. In a change of story, he’ll be meeting Penny at her place of work. Of course, this will cause a big stir with the men of the show dying and vying for the business man’s affections.

Gates appearing on the show is beneficial for both parties involved. TBBT loves to have real-life science and technology celebrities. Gates will also benefit from the publicity. Recently he has been promoting his “Annual Letter,” written by he and his wife. This year the Gates’ sent out their 10th annual letter. They answered 10 popular questions from fans.

The Big Bang Theory Guest Stars

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Bill Gates claims a coveted spot on the list of The Big Bang Theory guest stars. Through the years there have been many. They include Stephen Hawking, Bob Newhart, Buzz Aldrin, Katee Sackhoff, and Leonard Nimoy. 

One of Big Bang’s strengths is its ability to make fun of itself. The show has always poked fun at its nerdy characters. The writers have also played into their own fantasies by pitching different heroes they’d like to see come on set. 

Perhaps the most notable of guest stars is Wil Wheaton. Wil first appeared The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary. However, he has become almost a season regular, nearly always appearing at some point in the year to foil Sheldon Cooper. If Bill Gates is lucky he’ll also be able to return many times to the show. Stephen Hawking has had a similar experience, appearing in multiple episodes.

So, do you think Bill Gates will make a good The Big Bang Theory guest star?