How ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Stays Up-To-Date On POP Culture


“Who wants to go see Last Jedi again tonight?” asked Leonard Hofstadter at lunch in the latest The Big Bang Theory. Raj and Sheldon both quickly agreed as Sheldon Cooper wants to see the parts he missed when he blinked.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Over the years, The Big Bang Theory has tried to stay up-to-date on the biggest nerdy events of the decade. Without a doubt, the new Star Wars film is at the top of everyone’s radar for a long time.

But there’s a reason why the crew couldn’t make too many comments on the film.

The Big Bang Theory Talks The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi | Photo Credit Disney

The Big Bang Theory episode “The Celebration Reverberation” came on the same night as Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered in theaters. So the crew could comment on seeing the film even though the filmed the episode weeks before.

Similarly, in Judd Apatow’s film, Knocked Up, there are several references to Sam Raimi’s movie, Spider-Man 3 even though the blockbuster came out after they filmed the scenes for the movie.

Luckily for The Big Bang Theory, Star Wars is getting great reviews where Spider-Man 3 bombed.

Putting Pop Culture In The Dialogue

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

During the most recent episode, it’s clear that the gang went to see the film twice in the opening weekend. The film crushed the box office with ticket sales and most fans are pleased with director Rian Johnson’s (Looper, Brick) interpretation of the franchise.

If there is any backlash after the film’s release, we’re going to hear about it from Sheldon Cooper. In the past, when Leonard said he actually thought Star Wars: The Phantom Menace “wasn’t half bad,” Sheldon ratted him out.

Likewise, when Sheldon said he wanted to catch up on Aquaman, Leonard told him that sounded like a “dumb” idea. The only way to improve the show would be to film scenes that were slightly more up-to-date on current affairs.

Like Judd Apatow’s movie, it’s better to be safe than sorry when discussing future pop culture events. The only fictional pre-recorded show that can really dive into current events is South Park, since they make an episode in six days.

What’s your favorite pop culture reference from The Big Bang Theory?