SCARY: These Are The weird, Yet Surprisingly Common FEARS That TBBT Actors Really Have!

season 11

What they fear might shock you

Everyone has something which causes them a fright. Maybe it’s a dark hallway, a strange sound, walking around in unfamiliar places. No one is immune to it. This goes the same for the cast of The Big Bang Theory, who’ve shared their big scares with us before. What they actually fear comes down to different actors, but just like us, it’s caused them distress before.

Jim Parsons and the eight-legged nightmare

cast of the big bang theory

Mr. Parsons starts us off by sharing one of the most common fears of all. Spiders! These eight-legged arachnid predators are the bane of people and small insects everywhere. For someone like Jim, who is often laid back, the idea of a creeping terror like a spider puts him ill-at-ease.

Kunal and Kaley are next. It’s hard to imagine Kunal…

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