People Are Accusing The Big Bang Theory Of “Copying” This Show


Big Bang Theory Follows Rick And Morty Plot

Rick and Morty | Photo Credit Adult Swim

Not long ago, it was revealed that The Big Bang Theory is no longer the most-watched comedy on television. Surprisingly, a cartoon called Rick and Morty on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim just took the cake thanks to streaming outlets, which are now counted.

The two shows are still way ahead of everyone else, but fans were surprised to hear the news. After a decade on top, however, The Big Bang Theory is still doing a pretty good job and the new season is as funny as ever.

However, there’s one thing about the latest episode that makes us wonder if they are acknowledging the other series.

Various Dimensions, Various Versions

Rick and Morty | Photo Credit Adult Swim

The characters on The Big Bang Theory are the types of guys who would watch a show like Rick and Morty. The Adult Swim series airs on Sunday nights, but most fans watch it online or on an app.

The series follows Rick, a mad scientist grandfather, and his grandson, Morty, as they go on missions to other dimensions. What’s interesting about the show is that they use the other dimensions to showcase other Ricks and other Mortys.

Last week on The Big Bang Theory, we got to see more than one Sheldon Cooper.

Council of Ricks / Council of Sheldons

Rick and Morty, TBBT | Photo Credit Adult Swim / CBS
Rick and Morty, TBBT | Photo Credit Adult Swim / CBS

There’s something known as the “Council of Ricks” on the cartoon, which sounds an awful lot like Sheldon Cooper’s “Council of Sheldons.” All of the Ricks are basically the same, but the various Sheldons highlight his different personalities.

There is a Science Sheldon, Texas Sheldon, Fanboy Sheldon, Germophobe Sheldon, and Humorous Sheldon, with talks of inviting Laid Back Sheldon into the group. After the chaos of the episode, however, they turn this Sheldon down.

Similarly, Rick doesn’t appreciate the Council of Ricks and wants to avoid being a part of their group. In an effort to do his own thing, he does everything he can to avoid the government-like organization.

The two shows are coming at it from very different angles, but it’s interesting that this plot-point is on both shows, which are competing for most-watched comedy.

Do you think the writers meant to make this Rick and Morty connection?