Here’s What TBBT Cast Has To Say About Florida School Shooting


The Big Bang Theory cast is a particularly outspoken group of people. All of the actors have spoken out about their political beliefs and personal passions. Here’s what they had to say about last week’s Florida school shooting.

Horrified and Worried

The Big Bang Theory cast rarely keeps their opinions to themselves. They are a primarily liberal group of highly passionate individuals. Jim Parsons created Jim Parsons Is Too Stupid For Politics.  The podcast discusses political subjects and issues weekly. Johnny Galecki has spoken out against President Trump on multiple occasions and Mayim Bialik frequently posts expressive videos on YouTube highlighting her personal beliefs. That’s why it came as a surprise to no one that this group had a lot to say about gun safety and last week’s Florida school shooting.

After the devastating event, Johnny Galecki posted a screenshot from an Onion article. The headline read, “‘No Way To Prevent This’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.” He wrote, “We spend much of our lives seeking to learn lessons from others who reap better results than we have. Why is it shameful or unpatriotic to suggest our government explore doing the same?” He also posted a tribute photo, outlining Florida with a heart in the center. He finished the post writing, “Sometimes saying you’re sorry isn’t enough, you need to make changes.”

Mayim Bialik Speaks Out

Johnny isn’t the only The Big Bang Theory cast member to speak out after Valentine’s Day. Mayim Bialik took it upon herself to film an entire video speaking about the horrific event and what she thinks should be done to prevent similar incidents. She said, “On the most basic level as a mother and as a human, I’m protective of my children, and I’m protective of yours too. And I’m ashamed at what’s become normal in our country.” Mayim also mentioned violent video games, “toxic masculinity,” and mental health care in the video. Ultimately, however, she believes the problem lies in our nation’s gun laws.

Jim Parsons was notably silent on the matter. Typically, Jim would speak out in this sort of situation. Fans were eager to see if he’d mention the event in an upcoming podcast interview. Kunal Nayyar was also silent. This was less surprising- the star hasn’t been active on social media since January 8th.

Do you appreciate hearing The Big Bang Theory cast members’ political opinions?