TBBT Cast’s REAL Thoughts About This Season’s Premiere


Season 11 has gone pretty smoothly for The Big Bang Theory cast. However, the whole thing started out with a crazy cliff hanger that left fans eager for the premiere. Here’s what the Big Bang Theory cast really thought about shooting season 11’s premiere.

The Big Bang Theory Cast On The Premiere Of Season 11

If you’re like us, you waited eagerly for The Big Bang Theory cast to return to television for quite some time. All we thought about for months was whether or not Amy would say yes. Would she find out about the kiss? Perhaps Sheldon would chicken out? Would the writers jump forward entirely? 

Mayim Bialik didn’t see it that way. Though she was eager to read the new script, she also wasn’t hedging to come back. After all, sometimes we forget these actors have lives outside the set. She told cameras, “Everybody in the supermarket has an opinion about it. That was my experience all summer. Everywhere I went people were like ‘she says yes right?!’ I’m like I don’t know! I’m on vacation!” She added, “We really have no idea what’s going to happen.”

The writers don’t even write far in advanced enough to let the Big Bang Theory cast know these sorts of things. Just recently Steve Holland reported that they haven’t even written this season’s finale yet. Though most assume it will feature a Sheldon and Amy wedding, it’s clear nothing is set in stone. Mayim added, “We may never get there. This could be as far as we take it…we don’t know.”

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki Sit Back and Relax

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Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki shared that they’ve enjoyed the ability to relax a little more this season. Many of the earlier seasons revolved around their character’s love story and drama. This season, however, most plot lines have dealt with Sheldon and Amy’s wedding plans or Howard and Bernadette’s baby boy. Kaley said of filming the premiere, “It’s a really fun episode. There’s drama with Wolowitz and Bernadette too. So that’ll be fun…We just kind of watch everyone’s drama unfold while doing yoga and drinking wine…I get to eat cake in this episode!”

We loved the premiere, and we love hearing The Big Bang Theory cast’s perspectives.