The Secret Kunal Nayyar Is Shamelessly Keeping From His Wife


When asked about secrets kept from his wife, Kunal Nayyar said he probably plays more golf he would care to reveal. Whenever he’s not on set, he’s likely on the course. This is certainly true by checking in on his Instagram account.

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Daily Instagram

“Weekend:) thanks to @imjeremylusk for the photo- and for taking my money on the golf course:( #fore,” wrote the actor. It’s unclear where this photo was taken, but it looks like it could be near Malibu.

Judging by his Instagram page, he certainly does love the game. 

Kunal Nayyar Tries To Battle The Golf Winds

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Daily Instagram

In the next comical photo, Nayyar took a hilarious photo of the winds of St. Andrews. The actor wrote, “The wind in St. Andrews. Just. Too much to handle:( like the booze in my belly when I hit the pubs tonight.”

Hopefully, the actor handles his drinks better than his counterpart, Raj Koothrappali, but it doesn’t look so in this photo. 

Actor Shows Off His Love For St. Andrews

Kunal | Photo Credit Daily Instagram

In another photo, the actor poses at St. Andrews. The Scotland picture showcases Kunal Nayyar’s love for golf and his love for beanies. It looks like rain, but hopefully, he got in 9-18 holes before the storm. 

It’s likely a little colder in this area than he’s used to in Malibu. 

Practice Chipping Away From The Course

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Daily Instagram

In this photo from “Ah Delhi,” the actor works on his short game. It’s unclear if he’s actually on a course, but it looks like he’s getting better for the next game. Hopefully, he’s not going to be near any sand traps. 

The more he practices, the closer he’ll get to the green. 

Putting On The Green With Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar | Photo Credit Daily Instagram

In this final photo, actor Nayyar works on the green. “San Diego for the weekend. Blending in like a 35 year old merlot,” wrote the actor. In his all-red attire, he poses after sinking the putt. 

What do you think of these photos from Kunal Nayyar’s Instagram?