The Big Bang Bachelorette: Amy

Sheldon woos Amy on The Big Bang Theory by

The Big Bang Theory focuses primarily on the relationships of the men in the show, as they are the main characters. The women of The Big Bang are introduced once they begin dating one of our scientists. But as Penny, Bernadette, and Amy become regulars on the show, we also see them dating different people. Amy is thought of by the audience as conservative, nerdy, and an oddball. However, we find out this Big Bang Bachelorette is actually the popular girl at the university. Here’s a look at her love life.


Sheldon interferes with Amy and Stuart’s date by

Stuart plays the part of the third-wheel throughout the series. Not just in relationships, but in the social group. Upon meeting Amy in Season 5, he decides to ask her on a date. The two have coffee together and enjoy each other. Their first date is then followed by the upgraded movie date. The date went fine . . . until it was interrupted by a Sheldon when he asked Amy to be his girlfriend. After the event, the date continued and Stuart proclaims he had a great time. Maybe someday we’ll find someone for you, Stuart. But you will not be a rebound like the next romantic interest.

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