OMG: The Big Bang Theory Mother Moment That Every Fan Will Never Forget…


The Big Bang Theory Mothers

The TBBT gang are an odd bunch, and in part because they had such unique upbringings. The show has done a great job of exploring the mother-son and mother-daughter relationships on the show. We know quite a big of back story for each of the characters. When mothers come to town, you can always count on some drama. Here are the 5 best The Big Bang Theory mother moments.

Sheldon and Leonard’s Mothers

Mary Cooper and Beverly Hofstadter are both strong women who raised interesting boys. The few times they have been in the same room fireworks have flown. Mary is a devout Christian, and Beverly is an atheist psychiatrist. In this clip they both subsequently insult each others’ beliefs and work. Their quick wits and one liners make for a great sparring match.

Mrs. Wolowitz

Mrs. Wolowitz is an unseen character on TBBT. However, she is certainly heard. Her voice is constantly coming from behind closed doors as she rips into Bernadette and Howard. The couple even bonded on their first dates over their overbearing mothers. This great clip, however, doesn’t involve Howard. Sheldon takes Mrs. Wolowitz dress shopping. Our favorite line? When Mrs. Wolowitzs describes this predicament; “It’s this dress; When I put my front in, my back pops out.”

Raj’s Mother On Broadband

Raj’s mother is a very wealthy Indian woman, and she tells it like it is. On a video chat with her children she says, “We’re very rich in a very poor country, so all in all can’t complain!” In this clip Raj almost tells his parents that Priya is dating Leonard. His mother is obviously intrigued by money, and wants to know if Priya is dating Howard since he is Jewish, and stereotypically successful. Gotta love a gold digging mother.

Penny’s Mom Meets Beverly Hofstadter

Penny’s mom was worried Leonard’s parents would think her family is white trash. Randall hilariously replies, “Well what color trash do you think they’ll believe?” Susan is trying her best to cover up her son’s scandal. She’s a typical caring mother, with a harsh circumstance.

Mary Admits That Sheldon Fell Out Of Her At K-Mart

Another great moment of TBBT mothers; Mary Cooper admitted that she gave birth to Sheldon in a super store. She says, “he has been difficult since he fell out of me at the K-mart.” Sheldon is also a twin so this had to be a sight to see. 

What are your favorite moments of The Big Bang Theory Mothers?

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