The Best Season 10 Episodes So Far


The best season 10 premieres, and it only gets better.

best season 10

While we’re all losing our minds over the current show hiatus, it might be time to do a quick re-watch. With a few days until episode 10’s premiere, taking a quick stab at the seasons (so far) best might make for a good primer. So, here are my favorite choices for the current best season 10 lineup. Bring snacks.

The Fetal Kick Catalyst

Episode six did some funny, familiar things. Penny is invited to go to a convention for an autograph signing, with Leonard tagging along. Meanwhile, Howard’s losing his mind about prepping for the baby, resulting in various protective shenanigans.

It’s one of my favorites from the season for a few reasons. One, it cements the reality that soon Bernadette will be giving birth. When it happens, The Big Bang Theory’s going to head in some odd new directions. Second, Howard acting like an unprepared dad is funny to see.

Third, the nerdy interactions and fairly accurate representation of geeks meeting their stars take the cake. The visiting nerds have no idea how Leonard did it. Lastly, I still can’t believe they got away with the “serial ape-ist” background gag.

The Geology Elevation

Episode nine was a joy to behold. We got to see more of Bert, whose imposing size and deep voice make for a hilarious combo. But also Sheldon acting in jealousy was a great change of pace too.

Frankly, I find it so well done as it teaches him a good lesson. Not in the “I’m glad he felt bad” way, rather we saw what jealousy does. In that it makes us act out in anger and other issues which come from this.

The Brain Bowl Incubation

My third top pick (so far anyway) is the episode before The Geology Elevation. Episode eight has Sheldon acting all sorts of crazy, with some interesting science to boot.

After Amy and Sheldon create successful brain neurons from their tissue samples, Sheldon decides: Hey! What a great time to have a kid! Amy’s not so keen on the idea, so we get to see Sheldon’s numerous and hilarious attempts at flirtation.

This includes everything from wine, deer musk, and Sheldon dancing “seductively.” For the B-plot, we also have Raj potentially pursuing a different kind of woman. I wrote about this last week, but Raj attempts to flirt with the cleaning woman, Isabella. It’s a very mature take on his relationships, which fall flat.

In any case, these are my personal three best season 10 picks so far. Each one brings just the right amount of comedy combined with enough new character exploration. This helps them elevate beyond a few simple gags or common scenarios.

What about you? Do you have favorite picks for the season so far? Let us know!