The Best Moments Of Bernadette’s Pregnancy


Bernadette’s Pregnancy

Bernadette and Howard are awaiting the arrival of Halley by

For the first 10 episodes of The Big Bang Theory season 10, Bernadette and Howard are expecting a baby. Although this period was brief, there were quite a few hilarious moments for the parents to be. Here are the best moments of Bernadette’s pregnancy.

Bernadette Tells Howard She Is Pregnant

Bernadette told Howard that she is pregnant in the season 9 finale. She uses a clever post-it note scavenger to tell Howard, and initially he is over the moon. She says she’s “pretty positive,” joking about the pregnancy test sign. Howard is excited that he’ll get to “board planes first,” and “finally see what’s in the family bathroom at the mall.” It’s the little things, isn’t it?

However, Howard’s emotions get the best of him as he realizes what this means. He wonders, “Can we afford a nanny? We can get a pretty one because it will wreck our marriage. If we get an ugly one it will scare the kid.” He also is worried about circumcision, and making his kid “look like a pig in a blanket.” There are a lot of hilarious panicking thoughts running through his mind. This is a refreshing take on first finding out you are going to be a parent.

Bernadette Freaks Out

Bernadette had a similar panic attack when telling Amy and Penny she’s expecting. She’s worried she’ll be fat and ugly. She is also angry that she can’t drink, eat sushi, or go in a hot tub. However, her girls are there for her and remind her that it’s all going to be okay. Penny says it will be fun to buy little clothes, although she already does that for Howard.

Bernadette then goes on to describe Halley’s conception. Bernadette was at Penny and Leonard’s apartment. Sheldon had been talking about trains, and Howard pulled Bernadette into the bathroom. Penny and Amy are appalled, but decide to move past the topic. It’s great to see friends support friends at this stage in life.

Raj Finds Out The Gender Of The Baby

Howard and Bernadette decide to keep their baby’s gender a surprise. However, Raj accidentally finds out by looking in the folder. “It was an accident. The doctor left the folder on the desk, it’s not my fault I opened it and looked,” says Raj.

Howard and Bernadette struggle to decide if they want Raj to tell them the results. Many parents-to-be understand the struggle of both wanting to know and wishing for a surprise. Bernadette’s indecisiveness is particularly hilarious.

Bernadette’s Morning Sickness

Bernadette experienced a bit of morning sickness, and it was incredibly relatable. Howard tries to keep things up beat, but there’s no comforting this fiery mama. What isn’t relatable? Howard’s apparent lust for Bernadette’s throwing up noises. He gets in the mood just as she finishes hacking. They’re a weird couple indeed.

What were your favorite moments of Bernadette’s pregnancy?

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