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We’re deep into the tenth season of The Big Bang Theory. So far, it’s been a season to remember. A lot has happened; Hello Halley Wolowitz. SPOILER ALERT; there have been some great moments and even greater story lines. Here’s the best of The Big Bang Theory Season 10 so far.

Leonard and Penny’s Vow Renewal

Season 10 premiered with Leonard and Penny’s vow renewal. This big event called for a family reunion, and nothing could be better than bringing the mothers of The Big Bang Theory altogether. Mary Cooper, Beverly Hofstader, Beverly’s ex-husband, and Penny’s delinquent brother all in one place makes for the best season premiere. Penny says, “Standing here with you in front of our friends and family is bringing up a lot of feelings…like what a good idea it was to elope the first time.” However, it’s the emotional vows that really make for a great episode. Leonard says, “as a scientist, it’s my job to figure out why things happen…But I don’t think I’ll ever understand how someone like me could get to be with someone like you.” Cue the tissues.

Bernadette Tells Penny and Amy She’s Pregnant

The three gals have become incredibly close. This season we got to see Bernadette rely on her girls more than ever as she went through this big life change. Penny and Amy are incredibly excited. It’s Bernadette who needs the pep talk. She’s terrified of getting fat and feeling gross and scared. The girls want to get her mind off of the pregnancy, but Bernadette can’t go for sushi, a bar, or hot tubs.

A great quote, Penny tells Bernadette, “whenever you’re hungry you’ll be in a minivan with cheerios all over the floor!” Bernadette isn’t quite sold on that one. It’s great to see The Big Bang Theory take on the fears of pregnancy in such an honest, yet comical way. We enjoyed watching Bernadette in this stage of life.

SHAmy Get Used To Living Together

Sheldon and Amy decide to do a five-week experiment of living together. They’re taking their relationship to the next level, despite only having yearly coitus. There are definitely some bumps in the road. Sheldon walks through the pros and cons of choosing a side of the bed. He also has to get used to Amy’s hygiene habits. The couple also talks about intimacy. Amy would prefer snuggling, but Sheldon suggests a separation pillow wall. It’s been great to watch Amy and Sheldon navigate the road to a new relationship dynamic.

So far The Big Bang Theory Season 10 has been filled with defining moments for the cast. Penny and Leonard cemented their relationship yet again, Sheldon and Amy are now cohabitating, and Howard and Bernadette welcomed a new baby.

It’s hard to guess what will come next for the gang. We’ll just have to watch the rest of Season 10 to find out.


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