Howard’s Belt Buckle Obsession Will Now Make Perfect Sense After You See This


Actor Simon Helberg has now officially spent a decade squeezing into Howard Wolowitz’s tight pants for The Big Bang Theory. The look, which is often comical, comes from costume designer Mary. T. Quigley, belt buckles and all.

Belt Buckles | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

“He’s much more of a fashionista [than Sheldon or the others],” said Quigley about Howard Wolowitz. “Luckily, I have an actor who really believes in character and is willing to put the tight pants on, and feels comfortable doing it,” she added.

“Howard is all over the place,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Costume Designer Explains Howard

Costume Designer | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

“Anyplace we shop, we go to the belt buckle section,” said Quigley. “We’ve even created our own. Depending on the episode, it might be specific to where he’s going or what he’s doing,” she said.

In addition to the belt buckles, the costume designer also picks out an array of tight pants, dickies, sweaters, and belts. Howard is clearly the most outstanding in terms of his outfit.

For Howard, his outfit is more about what he thought would impress women versus what he truly wanted to wear.

A Wrongful Effort To Impress Women…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I think [his wardrobe] had more to do more with what he thought would impress women,” said Quigley. “In his mind, he was sort of a mix between a Cary Grant—sort of Beatles rock-n-roller—with the tight pants and the belt buckle above his crotch. He presented that and that was his uniform.”

Despite his ridiculous attempts (and failures) to pick up women, Howard Wolowitz surprisingly did find the girl for him. He and Bernadette are raising two children in the home where he grew up.

Howard Wolowitz was always a bit more ridiculous than the other characters in the series. All of the boys dress a little different, but it’s clear that Howard is the only one who cares a great deal about his wardrobe.

Sheldon Cooper wears a handful of tee shirts and Leonard Hofstadter only cares about his wardrobe when it means impressing Penny. Raj tries to wear sweaters, but they all look a little ridiculous and cheesy.

Do you think Howard will get his son a belt buckle for his first birthday?