5 Major Moments You Might Have Missed On Young Sheldon


The Big Bang Theory fans love Sheldon Cooper and they probably even want to support Young Sheldon. However, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the comic genius on TV this year. We’re here to help. Here are 5 major moments you missed on Young Sheldon.

1) Sheldon in Church

There have been many scenes of Young Sheldon in church but this one in particular really gives you a feel for the type of humor this show can offer. Sheldon, who loves his mama more than anything in the world, is willing to go to church with Mary out of support. However, that doesn’t mean he prescribes to the big Texas church’s beliefs.

In this scene, Sheldon argues that the preacher’s logic about the probability of God is flawed. He also proclaims that he doesn’t believe in God, he believes in science- to an entire congregation. What we love about this scene is that we could totally see adult Sheldon carrying out this exact moment. There’s really no difference at all in the two.

We also love that the producers and writers added in a few scientists that do believe in God. The Big Bang Theory team is never attempting to be one-sided or unfair. Instead, they tend to show all sides of an argument… with some humor, of course. 

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