This Revelation About Who’s “Smarter” Could Blow TBBT Fans’ Minds


“My math is worked out. His has a big gap in it,” said Sheldon Cooper about his nemesis, Barry Kripke. At this point, Sheldon walks over and smears a portion of Kripke’s whiteboard to prove his point. Is Kripke as smart as Sheldon?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In “The Tesla Recoil,” Sheldon Cooper goes against Leonard and Howard on a project for the military. Since the duo can’t do the math on their own, they decide to call on Sheldon’s nemesis Barry Kripke for help.

Does this mean that Barry Kripke is as smart as Sheldon Cooper?

Sheldon Cooper Vs. Barry Kripke

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In the past, their feud was more about prank wars than intelligence. In fact, the first time we met Barry Kripke, the feud was more between Howard and Kripke, when they decided to battle killer robots.

Later, the feud shifted to Sheldon Cooper. In one prank war, Kripke released helium into Sheldon’s office while he was giving an interview on the radio. During his conversation, his voice kept getting higher.

In the end, he said he would kill Kripke on the radio. This led to yet another prank from Sheldon Cooper.

A Sticky Situation For Sheldon And Kripke

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Sheldon returned the favor by setting up an experiment in Kripke’s lab. The idea was to create a liquid that would expand and explode on Kripke the next time he entered the lab.

But when this happened, the President of the University and a few Board Members were with Barry Kripke. If that wasn’t enough, Sheldon personalized the prank so it would be clear who launched this grand attack.

By the end of “The Tesla Recoil,” there’s no real evidence that Kripke is smarter than Sheldon, but he’s certainly more vindictive. Not only does he go against him, but he also steals the idea from Howard and Leonard.

Barry Kripke proves himself to be the true Edison, while the rest of the gang are left with their honor, like Tesla, even though they lost the war.

Do you think Barry Kripke is actually smarter than Sheldon Cooper?