Award Nominations abound for The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory is on the fast track to win more television awards.

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It’s one thing to talk about how great our favorite science-nerd sitcom is. But it’s entirely another to have something to show for it. Television awards are a big part of that.

This year, TBBT is set to win another set of nominations. This series has long established itself as a successful medium for years. However, it’s been the king of comedy shows too. Not since the likes of Friends or Seinfeld has a show done so well.

As it stands, the current awards up for grabs are several People’s Choice Awards. Two of those are aimed at Jim Parson and Kaley Cuoco.

And the winner is. . .

So far, The Big Bang Theory is set to win the nomination for Favorite Network TV Comedy. If The Big Bang Theory gets the nomination, it will be the eighth straight year it’s done so. Not many shows can say that. If it wins the actual award, it will be the fifth time.

For the third time, the show has also been nominated for Favorite TV Show. It’s won the award twice, back to back. Once in 2015 and again this year. It’s up against huge hit shows like Stranger Things and The Walking Dead, so it may not land the award a third time. But only time will tell.

Most talented man and woman.

Jim Parsons, the main talent carrying TBBT, is also up for his eighth nomination. Consecutively, he may come home again with “Favorite Comedic TV Actor.” Considering the powerhouse the show is, the results aren’t surprising.

Jim Parsons has gotten the award once as of last year. Should he win again, that’s back to back.

Kaley Cuoco is nominated for “Favorite Comedic TV Actress.” This is her sixth nomination, and she’s won the awards in both 2014 and 2015. It’s likely she’ll come home with another prize, making it thrice in a row.

Let your voice be heard.

Awards help actors in numerous ways. It also helps cement their legacy as talented, beloved faces of the best shows. TBBT has managed to snag nominations since its conception and only looks to get more.

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