An Inside Look into Skywalker Ranch


Star Wars is one of the go-to’s for nerds of all types.  In The Big Bang Theory Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are no exception.  Whether it be Star Wars movies, memorabilia, landmarks, or dressing up, they will be there! One of these instances is when Leonard and Sheldon venture to Skywalker Ranch.

The Skywalker Excursion

Sheldon and Leonard attempt to gain permission to enter Skywalker Ranch grounds by
Sheldon and Leonard attempt to gain permission to enter Skywalker Ranch grounds by

In season 8 episode 19, we find Leonard and Sheldon on a road trip.  Along the way, they decide to take a side excursion to see Skywalker Ranch.  Upon getting there, they can only see the road as the house is tucked so far away.  They drive up to the security booth and try to get in but are refused.  Sheldon decides he will not take no for an answer and begins running toward the house.  Dr. Cooper ends up getting tased.

While this episode is certainly entertaining, we never get to see or learn much about the ranch itself.  Below we have some facts about the property and the buildings of Skywalker Ranch to appease your curiosity.

Skywalker Ranch Property

Skywalker Ranch from a distance by

The ranch sits on a few thousand acres.  It has been growing since its inception in September 1978 and has now has financially consumed over $100 million in its wake.  It is located in Nicasio, California and has vineyards, a restaurant, an exclusive gift shop, an inn, a barn, a garden, a pool, theater, fitness center, and Lake Ewok. 

A Look Inside

The library inside Skywalker Ranch by

The main building of the ranch is built in Victorian style and is over 50,000 square feet.  It has 14 bathrooms as well as some fantastic artwork.  One notable feature is the research library which is a main element of the house.  It has a spiral staircase through the middle and contains a gazillion more books than a normal house.  Among the artifacts featured in the home are some Indiana Jones items including one of the whips and the iconic hat. 

The technical building on the property is home to Skywalker Sound and took 3 years to build. 

The Inn mentioned above is used by Lucas to house his personal guests and has included Robert Downey Jr., and Clint Eastwood.