Did You Catch This Hidden “Moment” Everyone’s Talking About Between Howard And Amy?


If Bernadette and Howard weren’t already spoken for, it would be hard to argue there isn’t some chemistry there. Howard’s magic and pervy jokes seem acceptable around Amy, plus they have the same taste in music.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard suggests a way to improve one of Amy’s projects. This leads to the duo working together, which slowly makes Sheldon and Raj jealous.

Back at Amy’s workspace, however, there is magic in the air.

Amy Welcomes Howard Magic Tricks

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Howard tells Amy that he’s good at close-up magic, writing code, and shadow puppets. Throughout their time together, he makes sure to impress her with both his coding and his magic tricks.

Not only does he make her card appear in a brain model, but he also removes her watch. In this trick, he took the watch from her wrist and somehow got it on the skeleton in the corner.

She is super impressed by Howard’s magic skills.

Howard And Amy Become Best Friends

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

There is a unique relationship between Howard and Amy that we haven’t seen before on the show. First, Amy hasn’t been hit on very much in her life. And, because Howard isn’t trying, his tricks are just coming off as genuine entertainment.

Apparently, there’s no love interest between the two, but they do make a good duo. In addition to her newness around men, she’s genuinely interested. Most women ignore Howard, but not Amy.

Every time that Howard makes a suggestion or pulls a trick, he receives the applause that he has always wanted. Even Bernadette has gotten tired of some of Howard’s tricks, jokes, and suggestions.

With Amy, the “moves” are innocent and welcome. Together, they can work on a project and dance. In reality, no one is getting hurt from these actions. The jealousy from Raj and Sheldon is more about ego or loneliness than envy.

Do you think we’ll see more of Howard and Amy spending time together?