Every TBBT Fan Is Surprised That Amy Fowler Made This Decision On Episode 12


During “The Matrimonial Metric,” Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler were stressed out about their wedding plans. In the latest obstacle, the happy couple had to decide on a Best Man and a Maid of Honor.

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In true Sheldon fashion, our hero decided to make a competition of it, which would ultimately take emotion out of an emotional decision. But, as always, this plan was wrecked when Sheldon’s friends realized they were once again guinea pigs.

In the end, Amy Farrah Fowler got what she always wanted.

Amy Farrah Fowler Decides On Her Maid Of Honor

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While Leonard, Raj, and Howard (and somewhat Stuart) were upset about Sheldon’s little game, Penny made her decision about the game. She wasn’t upset that it was happening, she was upset that Amy didn’t pick her right away.

What’s more, Penny Hofstadter realized that Amy is actually her best friend and there’s no way she wouldn’t be the Maid of Honor. A moment later, Penny barged into Amy’s apartment to confess her truth and shout about her anger.

Coincidentally, Howard was also there asking Amy to call Bernadette.

Getting Everything She Ever Wanted

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In terms of “fairness,” perhaps Amy should have chosen Bernadette. After all, Bernadette chose Amy to be her Maid of Honor. But, in the end, this confession of a true BFF from Penny was all she needed to hear.

Amy Farrah Fowler thought she could take emotion out of the decision, but it was actually emotion that made the decision for her. Penny felt like she deserved the role and Amy felt like she finally had a best friend.

In many ways, this is the best time in Amy’s life. Not only is she about to marry someone who she personally is infatuated with, but she now also has a best friend (that she is also infatuated with).

We’re looking forward to seeing more hilarious scenes as Sheldon and Amy continue to plan their quirky wedding. Hopefully, Amy will get Penny a better Thank You gift than that odd painting from when they first met.

What do you think is going to happen next on The Big Bang Theory? Do you think Sheldon might get cold feet (read here)?