What Sheldon Cooper JUST Realized About Amy Will Make You Cry (In A Good Way)


“I’ve decided on our centerpieces. I just hope your family isn’t allergic to asbestos,” said Sheldon Cooper. In the latest The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler are arguing over the minor details of their wedding.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

The secondary portion of this argument came after the duo tried to do a little decision-making trading. Like fantasy football, both stand next to the whiteboard and try to make trades on decisions.

“Instead of throwing confetti, we’ll release butterflies,” said Amy Farrah Fowler. “Airborne worms! Have you lost your mind?”

Amy Farrah Fowler Gets The Best Of Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In addition to this common Sheldon Cooper fear, she also commented on sharing the wedding toast in Latin. “I’m changing the flower girl to a dog,” added Amy Farrah Fowler to Sheldon, who clearly has always had a fear of dogs.

“And guess what he’ll be scattering instead of petals…” she added. Despite allowing for Sheldon Cooper to pick the date cards, seating chart, gift registry, music list, ring bearer, greeting party, ushers, and centerpiece, things quickly turned.

Luckily, the duo eventually came to an agreement about the wedding.

Sheldon Makes Sacrifice For Bride-to-Be

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Once it was clear that Sheldon and Amy couldn’t make simple decisions, they decided to get married at town hall. Once they got there though, Sheldon made an even better decision.

At their near-wedding, Sheldon Cooper confirmed that he is actually a genius. The genius realized that finding Amy is more of a miracle than finding dark matter, especially since he wasn’t even looking for anyone.

In the town hall, he decided it was time to tell Amy the truth. In an effort to prove his love, Sheldon gave Amy the ultimate gift by compromising on the wedding. To be a great future husband, he revealed that he wanted to show her off and that he didn’t care how or when they got married.

This is perhaps the most growth we’ve ever seen from Sheldon Cooper and a moment that surprised us all. 

What do you think of Sheldon giving Amy the ultimate sacrifice?