NO WAY: How Sheldon Coopers Greatest Surprise Just Backfired Like Crazy


“I don’t know what you mean by electricity ma’am. I am just a little farmer boy living on a Little House on the Prairie,” said Sheldon Cooper (in a terrible accent). That night, Amy Farrah Fowler had her best and worst birthday surprise.

Amy Farrah Fowler
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

As Amy walked through the room, it was clear that Sheldon had dimmed the lights, set up lanterns, and prepared a traditional frontier meal. The meal was made entirely from scratch, which included scratch biscuits and hand-churned butter.

“This is just step one of your birthday weekend,” said Sheldon Cooper. But he didn’t know what this step would cost them.

Amy Farrah Fowler Visits Frontier Life

Amy Farrah Fowler
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Starvation is authentic to the time period,” said Sheldon with all seriousness. After their candlelight meal, things took a turn. Amy Farrah Fowler started to feel warm and Sheldon had to run to the bathroom.

Apparently, the “frontier scallops” did a number on the happy couple. Like many pioneer couples, the two suffered from ill-prepared foods. Apparently, the frontier seafood wasn’t a good idea.

This led to Sheldon in the bathroom and Amy in the kitchen sink. The following day, the two woke up in their pajamas, covered in sweat, and looking terrible.

The Darkness Before The Dawn

Amy Farrah Fowler
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Despite the ups and downs of this special day, the birthday surprise is actually a good thing for Amy Farrah Fowler. Before, Sheldon would only sleep with Amy once a year, but since they missed their chance for annual coitus, it could happen more often.

In addition, the effort behind the day revealed a great deal of work from Sheldon Cooper. He did brag about the work and made it clear that it “was a big deal,” but he came up with the idea all on his own.

Apparently, Penny and the others have finally taught him a thing or two. Not only did he go all out, but he single-handedly came up with a special occasion for his bride-to-be.

In the end, he nearly killed the two of them, but it’s the thought that counts. Not long ago, Sheldon would have never done such a thing for another person.

Do you think this birthday failure is an improvement on their relationship?