This Is The Precise Recipe To Make The Sheldon Cooper Hot Chocolate Fans Are Dying To Try


“For the record, I only drink hot chocolate in months with an “R” in them,” said Sheldon Cooper. “What’s life without whimsy,” he said. Whether you’re looking to be whimsical or not, it’s a good month to enjoy a Sheldon Cooper hot chocolate.

As “The Fresh Princess of Bel Air” writes, “Conventionally, hot chocolate (or drinking chocolate) consists of melted chocolate and milk.” Any sweetener added should only be included to reduce the bitterness of the chocolate.

So what does Sheldon Cooper put in his hot chocolate?

The Sheldon Cooper Hot Chocolate Recipe

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Half and half instead of whole milk? Heated to precisely 183 degrees? Seven little marshmallows—no more, no less?” asked Sheldon Cooper to Leonard Hofstadter. Despite his many quirks, Sheldon knows how to make a cup of hot chocolate.

Like his OCD door knocks or the need to sit in his “spot,” Sheldon Cooper believes in the finer things. While he’s not the type of blow a ton of money anywhere (outside the comic store), he’s mastered certain key points in life.

The problem is that he pushes these beliefs on others.

Quirkiness, Compulsiveness, And Beyond…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Sheldon Cooper’s need to make others follow his rules is one of his more annoying behaviors. For his friends, this is intrusive, bossy, and aggravating. For fans of the show, however, it’s what makes the series so comical.

In addition to his hot chocolate, that he measures to a certain temperature, Sheldon Cooper is also obsessive about his door knocks. Every time he visits Penny (or anyone), he compulsively needs to knock in three sets on the door.

Then, there’s the ongoing joke about Sheldon Cooper’s bowel movements. No one wants to hear this chatter, but it’s hilarious when Leonard realizes he’s actually learned Sheldon’s entire “schedule” for the week.

While we can’t all be as “organized” as Sheldon Cooper. There and pros and cons to his many quirks. Despite being a bit annoying, he’s one of the most organized characters on television and this is part of the reason he’s so successful.

Have you ever tried any of the Sheldon Cooper hot chocolate?