What Mayim Bialik (Amy) Has To Say About The Final Season Of TBBT


“We’re really proud of what we do,” said actress Mayim Bialik about The Big Bang Theory. After eleven years on the air, the show is likely coming to an end after Season 12. This could mean the end of live entertainment for sitcoms.

“We’re one of the only classic, four-camera sitcom shows that still really believes in what we do and the way we do it,” said actress Mayim Bialik. “Chuck [Lorre] loves and believes in a live studio audience and we do as well.”

Even Lorre’s spinoff series Young Sheldon has moved into the new method, which is no live audience and single-cam.

Mayim Bialik Proud Of Her Work On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“We do a very different kind of television than a lot of the shows that we’re up against and have been up against for a decade now — we’re really proud of what we do,” added actress Mayim Bialik.

As Amy Farrah Fowler, the actress brought something to the show that it was missing. There was always a typical will-they, won’t-they dynamic between Penny and Leonard but there wasn’t even a maybe-he in terms of Sheldon Cooper.

Somehow, Amy Farrah Fowler changed all of that. Sadly, however, the show could still be coming to an end very soon.

“Happy To Do Other Things In Life…”

The Big Bang Theory Cast | Photo Credit Google

“I think everyone will be really happy to do other things in their life. We really do love what we do. Our work place is a fun place and like I said, to be doing old-school sitcom is pretty special for us,” added the actress.

Specifically, Bialik will likely focus on her family, her YouTube channel, and her second career, as an author. The female actress has written several books that promote feminism and strength in young women.

As for the other stars, Kaley Cuoco has already started her own production company and will star in the TV movie The Flight Attendant next year. Johnny Galecki will guest star on Roseanne and he has a show he’s producing as well.

Simon Helberg is producing a CIA sitcom called Need to Know and Jim Parsons is perhaps the busiest of all. Not only is he narrating Young Sheldon, but he’s also been in the movie A Kid Like Jake and found some time to act on Broadway.

There’s less news for Kunal Nayyar, but it’s likely he’ll have several offers if the show does come to an end. He’s starred in movies like Ice Age and Trolls in the past few years as well.

Do you think The Big Bang Theory will end after Season 12?